The comprehensive and scalable general ledger solution for insurers

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The Flexible and Functional Financial Management System

FIS’ EAS is a comprehensive general ledger solution that provides insurers with a streamlined, automated system for financial management, accounting and reporting.

EAS gives corporate finance professionals the power to develop financial statements and reports, build budgets and forecasts, and track allocations across the enterprise. With EAS’ intuitive interface, data can be quickly imported and reports easily accessed at the touch of a button.

How FIS Empowers Insurance Financial Management

Streamline insurance accounting and reporting with a central repository of financial data

Improve Access to Information

Gain real-time access to aggregated or drilled-down views of data across the business

Prepare for Change and Growth

Easily add new products and lines of business as your strategy changes

Enhance Decision Support

Make the most informed decisions with the ability to readily determine the profitability of new ventures


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