FIS ProCede

Reduce the complexity of reinsurance tracking

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The Streamlined Approach to Managing Reinsurance Operations

FIS’ ProCede is a source-independent reinsurance system that enables you to benefit from FIS’ expertise and experience regardless of your policy and claims administration system.

ProCede is scalable for any size insurance operation and helps to improve the efficiency and transparency of reinsurance operations. With a streamlined and scalable solution, you can ensure that your reinsurance resources are as productive as possible.

How FIS Empowers Reinsurance

Take a new approach to managing reinsurance operations

Increase Operational Efficiency

Enable your reinsurance resources to be more productive with a streamlined and scalable solution

Automate Reinsurance Operations

Leverage an automated solution to reduce the reliance on spreadsheets or legacy systems

Enhance Auditability

Run secure, auditable and repeatable reinsurance operations with a single, centralized solution


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