FIS Insurance Suite

Design and implement effective annuity hedging strategies

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Innovative Technology for a Unified View of Risk and Optimal Hedging

FIS™ Insurance Suite gives you innovative technology to optimize your hedging strategies and focus on real-time decision support.

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FIS™ Front Arena

Front Arena encompasses the full trade lifecycle for the buy and sell side, with real-time cross-asset trading, order management, portfolio management, risk management, position keeping and more.

Discover multi-asset class capabilities
Access data and risk insights in real time
Achieve global market access and connectivity
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FIS™ Prophet

Prophet is an award-winning risk management solution for insurers. It covers the calculations required for regulators and risk managers and provides tools for data and process management.

Achieve a unified view of risk
Meet reporting requirements with ease
Focus on value-added activities
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the FIS Insurance Suite available via the cloud?


Yes, the FIS Insurance Suite and its underlying technology solutions can be deployed on-premise or on the cloud.


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