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Achieve More in Tax Compliance Regulatory Reporting

FIS™ Wall Street Concepts is a tax compliance regulatory reporting solution that incorporates current best practices, enabling you to meet all your tax reporting obligations.

It provides tax compliance and reporting, consulting, training and other services to enable your financial institution to meet its tax reporting obligations to the IRS and your customers. Transform your year-end tax reporting burden into a user-friendly, year-round process with this comprehensive, enterprisewide tax reporting service.

How FIS Empowers Tax Reporting and Compliance

Tax reporting and compliance, consulting and training to meet tax reporting obligations

Meet Your Regulatory and Record-keeping Requirements

Respond effectively to compliance risks raised by financial crime, privacy and other regulatory requirements

Automate Communications Surveillance

Streamline the complete communications compliance life cycle with natural language processing and AI

Cover the Full Life Cycle in One Solution

Integrate your e-communications surveillance with a variety of modules, including behavioral modeling