FIS Cleared Derivatives Reconciliations

Automated reconciliations for derivatives

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Consolidated Total Equity Reconciliation

FIS™ Cleared Derivatives Reconciliations is a flexible and secure solution that provides comprehensive, fully automated total equity reconciliations of exchange traded derivatives and OTC derivatives.

It helps banks and broker-dealers manage market change by improving connectivity and efficiency and reducing risk and manual effort.

With FIS Cleared Derivatives, you can also cut operational and IT costs while ensuring control and auditability of the end-to-end reconciliation processes.

How FIS Empowers Reconciliation

Discover a flexible and efficient total equity reconciliations system

Reduce Risk

Improve control, auditability and reporting with event-based workflows and increased transparency

Ensure Connectivity

Leverage extensive interfaces to support data from exchanges, clearinghouses and CCPs

Drive Compliance

Easily adhere to regulatory changes and market-specific changes


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