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Next Generation Order Management and Advanced Best Execution

FIS™ Valdi OMS delivers a consolidated view of trading across global markets, giving you improved execution and agility, comprehensive access to positions, and risk management for multiple assets and instrument classes.

With swift onboarding and regional client service teams that speak your language, Valdi OMS gives you more time to devote to growing your business.

How FIS Empowers Order Management

Streamline order management with our unparalleled trading technology and market data services

Enable Seamless Trading and Market-making

Global direct market access and tools enable seamless equities and options trading, market-making, agency and proprietary trading, and multi-asset execution from a single platform

Empower Your Business with High-powered Trading

Choose from equity/options montage trading, program trading and benchmark performance monitoring, pairs and basket trading, and algorithmic trading with in-depth transaction cost analysis (TCA)

Enhance Compliance and Risk Management

Get a holistic view of your firm’s market exposure across regions, with the ability to customize risk and exposure views by sector, desk, trader, asset class and currency


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