FIS Performance Measurement

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Simplify Multicurrency Performance Measurement and Attribution

FIS™ Performance Measurement is a web-based, integrated suite of multicurrency performance measurement, attribution and risk tools for asset managers and fund administrators.

Attribution functionality is built in for seamless integration with portfolio data and benchmarks. Choose from numerous attribution models for multicurrency equity and fixed-income portfolios.

How FIS Empowers Performance Measurement and Attribution

Leverage our scalability and resilience so you can focus on improving performance while minimizing risk

Advanced Analytics and Attribution

Choose from standard or proprietary attribution models that cover multicurrency equities and fixed-income securities, and calculate returns on individual accounts, groups of accounts, and user-definable composites

Accurate, Reliable Data

Cross-check data from other systems to proactively identify discrepancies, such as pricing errors or rate of return tolerance outliers. Automatically reclassify assets and rebuild portfolios to instantly provide up-to-date calculations

Custom Benchmarking and Indexing

Upload benchmarks or build customized benchmarks at the security, category or fund level. The solution supports unlimited blended index groups, drifting or floating weight benchmarks and universes


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