FIS Private Equity Rainmaker


Simplify Portfolio Data Management

Utilizing advanced analytics, emerging technologies and FIS’ award-winning managed services, FIS™ Private Equity Rainmaker automates portfolio company data management and streamlines portfolio analysis.

Partners, deal teams, investment analysts and portfolio managers get accurate, on-demand insights to make investment decisions that generate alpha and deliver significant growth.

How FIS Empowers Private Equity Decision-Making

Remove data collection barriers and streamline data validation to supercharge your decision-making

Gain Greater Confidence in Your Data for Smarter Decisions

Robust data validation empowers you to make the best decisions for your company’s growth

Increase Front-office Efficiency

Leave data collection and validation to our award-winning managed services professionals, so your team can focus on growing your firm

Create a Unified View of Insights

A single, comprehensive view of data across the firm integrates portfolio company data with fund data to power your decisions


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