FIS Transfer Agency

Discover the system and services designed for the future of transfer agency

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The System Built for What a Transfer Agent Needs

FIS’ Transfer Agency empowers transfer agent professionals to increase productivity and efficiency while remaining flexible.

From 24/7 portal access for account holders, dealers, institutions and interested parties, through to automated reconciliation, reporting and exception management, Transfer Agency provides a fully managed BPO solution to transfer agency companies who require security, flexibility and real-time data.

How FIS Empowers Transfer Agency Services

Discover a transfer agency system you can trust

Say Goodbye to Batch-based Processing

Access up-to-the-minute transaction information while protecting against fraud with FIS’ continuous data delivery model

Benefit from Unparalleled Data Security

Choose the system that encrypts data at rest and offers critical cybersecurity protections

Get the Transfer Agency A-Team

Partner with the team that has decades of experience and a vision for the future


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