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Make the most of every debit payment

You can lose a lot of revenue if you're not routing transactions the right way. But the right partner, expert in debit routing and data science, can keep you on the path to keeping more revenue. That partner is Prime. Prime is precision driving of debit transactions across the highway of debit networks. It's built with the best of routing science.

Prime's time - how it works

Prime analyzes eligible debit card transactions in real time, routing them to the lowest cost network.

Prime routing is the Cadillac. It does what it has to do and it has all the flexibility you need as a merchant to understand the benefits. We use iQ for reporting, research or reconciliation. And of course, we have the dispute process as well for chargebacks. With my experience with other acquirers, the Worldpay experience has been probably the most positive."
- Manager | Electronic Payments, Dollar Tree/Family Dollar