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ATM Driving & Monitoring

FIS has everything you need to offer your customers a reliable ATM system with the most current features and functions, giving you an effective and efficient one-stop solution for your ATM system needs. No headaches, no hassles – we provide a technology platform that delivers high availability and extensive monitoring capabilities so all that you and your customers experience is the seamless delivery of ATM products and services.

While many may view ATM driving as a commodity business, FIS does not. We differentiate our offering via:

Service – We are focused enough to create the functionality you need, yet committed enough to provide a personalized level of service not found with other processing alternatives. Our ATM Services team supports you not only through conversion, but also through the day-to-day events inherent in running an ATM program – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Control Over Your Environment – FIS’ Web-based tools promote self-sufficiency by giving you immediate, real-time access to your own data – so you see what we see, and you can see it anywhere your organization grants Internet access.

Integration – The breadth of our electronic funds transfer (EFT) processing solutions make us truly unique. Your FIS ATM program is tightly integrated with our debit and prepaid card management systems, our FIS Image Solutions, our Fraud Solutions, as well as our NYCE Network, which connects more than 74 million accounts to 280,000 ATMs and 1.75 million POS PIN debit locations nationwide. However, FIS does not limit our clients to only those integrated solutions but also provides support for other external entities such as EFT network gateways.

Functionality – While we have a robust ATM offering with full support for standard and advanced transaction sets, we continue to invest Gateway/Network Services heavily in our ATM product line. Our investment focus is on operational efficiency, expense reduction, and increased revenue within your ATM program.

Speed to Market – With our development teams, we can build solutions to quickly address your business needs.

Certification and Testing – FIS has a robust set of on-site testing facilities including two ATM test labs with 60+ test machines. These testing facilities are used to help us ensure that new FIS products, as well as new ATM hardware and software, are validated prior to being in production and allowing us to implement new products more quickly.

Availability – FIS invests in a premier ATM-driving platform to provide maximum availability. As a testament to this statement, FIS maintains overall availability of the ATMs we drive at greater than 99.95 percent.

ATM Monitoring

The FIS ATM Management System uses automated voice notification to alert you or your ATM service team to events that may adversely affect ATM performance – through telephone, pager, voice mail, answering machine, e-mail, or electronic interface. The timely notification of faults and a quick response by your ATM service team will result in increased operational uptime of your ATM network. ATM monitoring reports are available detailing event history, status code frequency and ATM availability. The FIS ATM Management system uses client-defined parameters – by ATM, groups of ATMs or across your entire program. Remote monitoring is also available.


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