Your relationship with your customers is only as strong as the last interaction you had with them. Whether it was face-to-face, a statement delivered through the mail or over the Internet or an inbound call to your customer services agent. Making the most of each of these interactions is critical to the success and longevity of your customer relationships.

Irrespective of the channel, every customer interaction is an opportunity to communicate important messages whether, it be about security, new products and services or promotions.

Delivering personalised customer communications can be a constant challenge. But CSF can help. At FIS we have spent years developing a suite of software that uses customer data such as transaction information and account details to create customised communication strategies resulting in personalised letters, statement messages, Web site pages and call centre scripts.

CSF helps you generate high-volume recurring documents, or individual customer communications, which will enhance your customer communications, strengthening your customer relationships and reducing development costs.

With CSF every interaction can become a targeted communication opportunity, ensuring you get the right messages to the right customers. As a result, your customers will know you have a better understanding of their individual needs and are more likely to be receptive to the new products you are promoting.

CSF integrates across every customer communication channel, providing you with a consistent and effective document and message management system.



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