Gate offers a high-availability, high-performance standard solution that contains all the functionality banks require for authorisation and operating self-service terminals. Developed by Kordoba, it is one of Germany’s leading switch solutions handling around 25 percent of all ATM transactions in Germany.

Kordoba Gate is universally and flexibly implementable for banks of any size. The core accounting-neutral system is constructed on a modular basis in order to be able to cover customer-specific requirements adequately. More than 25percent of all self-service operations in Germany are processed using Kordoba Gate.

Gate is a modular system. Its main components are a control system and various applications that depict the commercial logic. The Gate modules are configured in accordance with the individual bank’s demands, in order to ensure the reliable processing and authorisation of transactions and the uninterrupted operation of the terminals in the system network.

Kordoba Gate works on various platforms. Oracle and Informix are used for the data management, but of course, if required, other databases can also be used.

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