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Fraud and risk analytics

Risk is everywhere, particularly for financial institutions. Whether it's exposures to your customers from identity theft, privacy breach, and fraud or exposures to your institution from interest rates swings, loan defaults, and business disruptions, risk managers need to demonstrate sound risk mitigation strategies.

For many institutions, appointing staff to manage the diverse risks throughout the organisation creates a scenario of siloed and disorganised activities. The result is disjointed risk management practices which lead to inefficiencies, redundancies and, more importantly, no clear view of the financial institution's total level of exposure.

FIS takes an integrated approach to risk management. We offer risk management solutions to help your financial institution manage credit and market risks across the enterprise – so you can make more informed decisions. Our solutions address program start-up when you don't know where to begin, risk management software for automation, and risk assessments and mitigation work for getting the work done.



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