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Helping banks start new ventures

As your business moves to new territories or picks up new opportunities in the market, you need to be able to move quickly. At times, especially within large organisations, this can be very difficult. The timing is never right, and you will often be frustrated that you can't draw all the disparate departments together to focus on your priorities.

At FIS we have been working with financial institutions for decades. We understand banks and banking, but more importantly we understand change. Our business models are built to adapt and anticipate change with a flexibility to meet the changing needs of our customers. But more importantly, we can isolate your project and deliver a totally ring-fenced solution that will meet your needs quickly and cost-effectively. Then, as your business takes off, we have the scale to manage the ups and downs of new business ventures and the scale to adapt as your business starts to flourish. Our operations are designed to help you run your new venture, either by integrating parts or all of it back into your organisation or maintaining it as a stand-alone presence.

Core banking – whether entering a new market, taking on an acquisition, merger or joint venture, starting up a new bank, FIS has some of the best core banking platforms in the industry.

Hosting – building or buying data centre capacity for your new venture is a time-consuming and costly business. Any new operation you start up will need excess capacity to handle your growth. FIS’ hosting solutions take this pain away. Our ability to host, manage and run your core applications means one less thing for you to worry about.

Bank in a box – FIS is a one-stop-shop for de novo banking operations. We have everything you need in one place to get your new banking business off to a flying start.

Call centre – Multilanguage, multidiscipline contact centres to manage your customer services, or simply act as “out of hours” or overflow capacity.

Card processing – everything you need for your credit, debit or prepaid business as either a hosted service or licensed software.

Risk and fraud – experts in risk and fraud management, the FIS team can provide systems and expertise to protect your business. We will even underwrite your exposures.

Supply chain management – leverage the scale of FIS' $5.2bn business and allow us to manage your supply chain for you, ensuring you get the best price and the best service all coordinated through a single interface.