FIS’ Xpress Integration Solution Suite (Xpress) is the proven enabler of enterprise-wide integration and aggregation of dispersed data. An integration application that provides a services-oriented architecture (SOA), Xpress seamlessly connects older systems with new technologies resulting in:

  • Improved sales and service effectiveness
  • A common customer view across all applications and lines of business
  • Eased integration efforts
  • Extended lifecycle of older systems
  • Streamlined risk management

Through its SOA, Xpress’ content-rich services can be exposed to any channel or core systems interface. FIS has built host adaptors to the majority of industry applications and packaged data in pre-built business service bundles designed for individual channel deployment. As a result, Xpress and its components can be deployed within any financial institution faster and with less effort than any other provider in the market.

Designed and built around the Interactive Financial Exchange (IFX) messaging specification, Xpress also supports client-specific XML formats along with other standards such as IFW and Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO) XML messages.

Data Access

Xamine is FIS' data access, reporting and business intelligence platform, providing an information delivery solution that turns information chaos into information control and business information into business intelligence. Xamine distills data, giving you access to the hard-to-reach data buried within your applications, enabling targeted business analysis like profitability, marketing, trending, regulatory compliance reporting and other risk management results.

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