Bank in a box

FIS is a one-stop-shop for all your banking needs. With more than 400 products and services available around the world, FIS has an unparalleled capability to provide everything you need to start up your banking business.

The FIS Bank in a box concept provides you with the ultimate in speed-to-market, flexibility and reliability. Whether you decide to run the operation yourself, outsource it or have it run/managed at your own site, there is no doubt that FIS is the single-source supplier for your needs.

Our range of core banking products is already integrated with our card management systems and back-office tools. This means we can deliver you a full-function bank infrastructure to meet your needs quickly and efficiently.

Bank in a box is more than just a concept. At FIS we take pride in our ability to service your needs, not just in terms of integrated software solutions, but also in value added services, too. Our call centres are at your disposal to deliver customised customer services to your client base, we can provide print and mail services, out-bound telemarketing, risk and fraud management and so on.

FIS is the world’s leading provider of banking technology, and we can use our experience in achieving this to deliver you the service you need, while you focus on building your banking business.



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