Default Manager

Effective and efficient management of collections and recovery has a direct impact on your organisation’s profitability. It is no longer sufficient to rely on paper-based procedures, policies and guidelines for default management. The customer contact teams operating in this field are often called upon to make real-time decisions and unless they have the right information to hand, this process can be inconsistent at best.

Default Manager from FIS empowers you and your staff to make the right decisions every time. Default Manager aligns with your business processes, accommodating changing conditions and processes and managing exceptions in an orderly, automated manner.

Default Manager removes paper processes from your back-office and replaces them with business rule-based workflow management. This allows every step in the process to be mapped, choreographed and monitored. Process results are measured and made available as intelligence for making future decisions.

Default Manager provides the necessary tools to service multiple products (mortgage, automotive, credit cards, etc.) and close functionality gaps. With Default Manager you will see:

  • Lower operational
  • Improved risk management
  • Enhanced  management control
  • Better performance management
  • Proactive lifecycle control
  • Strong return on investment

Default Manager gives you the power to transform your collections and recovery operation.


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