Cortex prepaid processing

Sitting at the heart of our hugely successful prepaid processing business lies a card management system specifically developed to handle the unique requirements of the prepaid business. Cortex is available as a licensed product should you choose to process in-house. However, most of our clients utilise our outsourced processing environment.

With Cortex running the show, FIS can provide you with everything you need to launch and run your prepaid card business. Cortex is:

  • Fully PA-DSS compliant
  • EMV, chip and PIN enabled (as well as handling mag-stripe cards)
  • Fully scheme compliant for Visa and MasterCard
  • Configured for open, closed and restricted loop cards
  • Working with contactless as well as standard contact cards
  • Parameter driven for ultimate flexibility

Alongside the Cortex core processing system are a range of value added services that make FIS your one-stop-shop for prepaid cards. Services we offer include:

  • Contact centre services
  • Cardholder Web site
  • 3D-secure services
  • Risk and fraud management solutions
  • Fraud monitoring service
  • Discounted purchases from leading card manufactures
  • Cardholder alerts via SMS
  • SMS PIN delivery

FIS was voted prepaid service provider of the year 2009. Contact us and find out how our team of prepaid experts could help your business.




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