BASE Global is one of the world’s leading card processing applications handling more than 70 million accounts in 20 countries. However, FIS Card Solutions is about more than just great software. We go beyond technology to offer a total solution that gives you incisive answers on every aspect of your card processing business.

We have decades of experience implementing and running BASE Global. As well as dedicated account handlers and technical owners, you’ll have the support of more than 200 people in your region alone.

There are no gaps in our service. FIS Card Solutions takes care of every aspect of your card processing including:

  • Product management
  • Customer origination
  • Validating application data and running credit bureau checks
  • Authorisation/transaction processing
  • Customer servicing
  • Management of accounts
  • Collections
  • Recoveries

Our services are all run from our fully-resilient, PA-DSS compliant data centre. The security of your data is our foremost concern. You can be confident that outsourcing the processing of your credit card portfolio to FIS will bring business benefits and reduce your operational headaches.





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