The key drivers of change for financial institutions are ever-evolving regulations that consume budgets, unabated pressures on capital, the unrelenting quest for cost control, and agile new market entrants that are free from regulatory burdens.

Adding to the need for change are customers who are calling for constant product innovations and more personal, flexible service. Clearly, financial institutions need to embrace a new approach; but change is expensive, unpredictable and distracting.

FIS offers a full range of services from management consulting to outsourcing, and disruption discovery to application management. We help you assess your current state, define the future and manage the transformation. As a result, you benefit from improved cost structures, increased revenue opportunities and an enhanced customer experience.

FIS transforms operations – making them smarter, faster and cheaper – while also enabling internal resources to focus on what is core to the customer’s success. Solutions to challenges must be profound, and that’s what sets FIS apart from other service providers.

  • Improved cost structures

    We rethink operational models to help you more effectively acquire, use and sustain assets; manage headcount; and overcome budgetary challenges.
  • Increased revenue opportunities

    From growth strategies to enabling an organization to support a growth strategy, we invent new ways to expand your business, optimize cost structures, generate free cash flow and leverage capital-efficient growth.
  • Enhanced customer experience

    As you achieve your financial and operational goals, your internal resources, paired with our customer experience specialists, are better positioned to focus on creating a strong financial and emotional bond with your most important asset – your customers.

Our consultants can help you enhance your financial performance, better serve customers, manage conversions and more effectively utilize your existing systems.

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Database Engine

GT.M scales up or down for any size financial institution, healthcare provider, transportation, manufacturing and other industries for fast and secure processing of data.

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Hardware Solutions

Take advantage of our purchasing power and pay dramatically lower prices for the hardware you need based on your system requirements, with delivery, installation, service and support available.

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Outsource traditional back-office activities: Banking and commercial treasury, biller and output solutions, card personalization and fulfilment, image and remittance, help desk, security, and network and data center management.

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Testing Services

Rely on our advanced test tools and knowledgeable experts to help you address regulatory challenges, cost pressures and customer demands, along with your EMV migration.

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