Where Payments Meet Life – The Loyalty Effect

Loyalty is becoming the new digital currency, and evolving technologies are presenting greater opportunities for customer engagement. Are you capitalizing on them? Watch a replay of our recent webinar, The Loyalty Effect, to explore loyalty's dynamic landscape.

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Customer Loyalty and the Transformation of Commerce

There's a revolutionary transformation happening right now in the world of commerce, and with it comes a tremendous opportunity for financial institutions and merchants to capitalize on and own the customer loyalty experience.

There are billions of unused loyalty points currently in circulation. For a financial institution, unused points can be considered frozen costs on the balance sheet. For merchants, they're missed opportunities to drive foot traffic and incremental sales. Adding instant rewards encourages customers to use their points early and often, improving your bottom line.

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Watch The Loyalty Effect Webinar Replay

Recently, Cassie Boutelle and Aite’s Thad Peterson presented The Loyalty Effect, a webinar on the changing loyalty landscape and what’s coming next. Watch the webinar replay for a deep dive into the world of loyalty.

Missed Opportunities of Loyalty

How many loyalty points do you think there are in the U.S. right now? How much value do you think those loyalty points have? Would you believe trillions of points worth billions of dollars? Watch our short video to find out what Anthony Jabbour, chief operating officer, Banking & Payments at FIS has to say about the missed opportunity of loyalty and what this currency means to you and your business.

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White Paper: Customer Loyalty and the Transformation of Commerce

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