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Debit Card Processing

We offer flexible one-source debit/EFT processing options, including multiple authorization options, settlement and card management. Financial institutions may choose reliable and comprehensive client services support or opt for pass-through processing in order to retain control and service on-site.


FIS Debit Card Acquiring Services

FIS offers the most feature-rich set of payment processing services available anywhere, with an extremely flexible client/server platform that lets you augment your existing service offerings whenever you choose. Process files the instant you receive them, rather than all of them at the end of the day. Enjoy the productivity advantages of online multi-tasking.

Eliminate the need to manually log and track incoming files. Our processing capabilities span the full spectrum of transactions activity – including EFT, ACH, EBT and POS. That means with FIS, you have the power to accommodate both existing and emerging payment types such as stored value and prepaid, ARC/lockbox, electronic checks, e-commerce and Internet banking.

Every year, 80 percent of U.S. debit transactions flow through FIS processing systems, totaling $720 billion in settlements. Not only does the debit world revolve around FIS technology, but it also has made us the world's second-largest software provider, supporting more than 26 billion transactions every year.

Authorization Services

Three optional authorization methods are provided for signature and PIN-based transactions.

  • Account level limits
  • Positive Balance Files (PBFs) transmitted seven-days-a-week with unlimited frequency
  • Gateway Online Authorization features single-point authorization service for signature-based and PIN-based transactions


ATM and Network Support

We eliminate the need for separate automated teller machine (ATM) and point-of-sale (POS) authorization files by providing single-point authorizations and comprehensive gateway access. ATM terminal driving services support all major device types, protocols and dial-up functionality. Gateway services and network interfaces exist to all other major regional and national ATM and POS networks.


Risk Management

Behavior Scoring and Strategy Management, to improve reissue decisions and reduce losses, is provided through the Readi-ReviewSM Plus risk scoring system. Readi-Review Plus is a valuable tool for analysis of cardholder behavior. Readi-Review Plus may be used in conjunction with Full Portfolio Review to segment the cardholder base and identify opportunities for credit line increases, card upgrades and cross-selling of other products.

Card Activation through activation stickers and the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system ensures that only authorized cardholders activate accounts.
Fraud Detection and Support is offered through the industry's most sophisticated neural network software solutions, including Falcon™ through HNC, Visa®'s Cardholder Risk Identification Service (CRIS), and the MasterCard® RiskFinder Fraud Prediction System. We receive alert calls, provide case management, fraud investigation, lost and stolen card processing and account maintenance.


Chip Cards ‒ Reduced Fraud, Greater Security and Peace of Mind

Chip or “smart” cards are fast becoming the global financial industry’s best practice in card security. That’s because the cards carry microprocessors that generate dynamic authentication values for each transaction while magnetic stripe cards carry static account information that can be stolen and used. Generating new authentication reduces the value of stolen cardholder data creating a global win-win for cardholders, financial institutions, retailers and other card issuers.

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