Banking Core Software


Bankway® is designed to provide a fully integrated, highly parameterized suite of banking solutions focused on community banks and financial institutions of all sizes seeking high-end retail servicing capabilities.

Bankway's core banking solution is designed to give you exceptional power over information. It makes critical customer data and account processes more visible, accessible, manageable and valuable than ever before, enabling you to drive growth and revenue with greater certainty in a rapidly changing market environment. This comprehensive solution is the culmination of decades of innovation, technological refinement and operational excellence. Its extensive flexibility, advanced architecture and business-solutions approach gives you control over the critical information that will help you serve your customers and increase revenue at your institution.

Bankway clients have the option to migrate between any of the software delivery models, which include in-house, service bureau and resource management, without the need for conversion as the institution’s circumstances and philosophy of service may change.

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