FIS MISER® is a comprehensive, real-time core processing solution that offers financial institutions of all asset sizes and charter types unparalleled flexibility, integration, scalability and reliability. From banks to credit unions, FIS MISER allows your institution to exceed the expectations of your retail and commercial customers affordably, efficiently and securely. FIS MISER provides your institution the agility to stay ahead of the competition.

FIS MISER is uniquely different. It’s not just a software package, but rather a complete solution set that starts with caring, seasoned professionals who are experts in all facets of your business from implementations, to product design, to operations. The product, the people and their passion truly differentiate the FIS MISER experience.

If you prefer to manage your own hardware and software or are looking for the freedom of software as a service, FIS MISER has a delivery configuration that is right for you. FIS MISER offers you the ability to create a personal relationship with your client that makes you uniquely different and more relevant. Capitalizing on an open architecture, FIS MISER offers the capacity to consolidate disparate data in one place, which provides a complete, up-to-the-minute view of your customer relationship. The capability known as external relationships even allows non-core-based balances such as affiliated investment products to be reflected in the Central Information File (CIF) record – providing a true universal view of the customer relationship. Whether the need is account analysis or a revolving line of credit, the integrated commercial services products, supporting both deposits and loans, allow you to build and tailor solutions that are purposeful and meaningful to your business customers.

The Unisys® ClearPath® server is one key to FIS MISER’s legendary reliability. Blending the dependability and capacity of a traditional mainframe with the convenience of Windows® applications and the speed of Intel® processing, the Unisys ClearPath provides the synergy of operations that optimizes FIS MISER.

By selecting MISER from FIS, you are getting a proven partner with a long-standing industry presence. You are getting a core processing solution that has been forged by challenges to the financial industry. Whether you are seeking an increase in non-interest income or a reduction in operating costs, FIS MISER has been architected to provide what you want, when you want it. Some additional FIS MISER solution highlights include:

  • Conversion Expertise – The FIS MISER conversion team follows a proven project and conversion methodology for the planning and implementation of an accurate, timely data conversion whether your institution is converting to FIS MISER or our team is assisting you in the acquisition and conversion of a new institution.
  • Excellent Support – We don’t sell software; we build a partnership. Nothing is more important than excellent customer support for establishing and maintaining a solid partnership, and FIS MISER has a unique method of deepening that partnership and maintaining that trust.
  • Customer Data and Selling Tools – The FIS MISER Relationship CIF provides a foundation for you to understand, target, and provide personalized services to your customers
  • Open Technology – The FIS MISER division provides published APIs and XML-based middleware that simplifies the development of new interfaces. While we believe FIS integrated products to be the best solution, our business partnership approach fully supports our clients’ needs to integrate third-party applications that best address their unique business needs.
  • Data Management – FIS MISER offers a proven, institution-wide solution for managing data collection, normalizing and reporting. There are literally thousands of options within the standard reports in FIS MISER, and MISER’s Business Intelligence (BI) product goes beyond these, focusing on analytics and actionable information.
  • Improved Sales Performance and Profitability Tracking – Retaining your best customers is a never-ending job. FIS MISER provides the tools that allow you to identify your most profitable customers and recognize cross-sale opportunities.
  • Compliance – Our dedicated regulatory and compliance team helps you manage the complex and ever-changing regulations facing your institution.
  • Mortgage Servicing – Through all phases of a real estate transaction, the FIS MISER system has been providing robust mortgage servicing capabilities as part of the core system.
  • 24/7 Processing – Our real-time solution is online and available to your customers whenever and wherever they are.

FIS MISER is designed to power your financial institution the way you want to do business, meeting your specific functional requirements while delivering the synergies across your enterprise needed to excel in your markets. Our client base – which consists of credit unions, savings banks and commercial banks − ranges in size from community institutions to regional giants with more than $50 billion in assets. It is this diversity of clients that has led to the inclusion of features and functions not normally found in any one market-specific core system. More than a data-processing system, FIS MISER is the foundation for delivering the comprehensive products and services you need − individually as departments or collectively as an organization − with the efficiency and adaptability you want.

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