Real-time Solutions

Profile is FIS’ premier, real-time, ultra-scalable core banking system.

The Profile® system’s real-time processing architecture provides immediate updates to the system of record and completes every transaction at the point of sale, optimizing workflow and virtually eliminating reprocessing and reconciliation. Straight-through processing improves operational efficiency, information accuracy and customer service levels. Institutions using Profile as their core banking system experience industry-leading total-cost-of-ownership benefits based on increased operational efficiency, as well as dramatically lower infrastructure costs.

Profile is a fully integrated solution that addresses customer, banking product, account and transactional requirements. Loan and deposit products are supported by an extensive inventory of configurable features that are shared across all banking lines of business. Profile supports institutions ranging from de novo startups to top-tier global banks, making it the premier choice for hundreds of organizations. And with multi-currency and multi-language capabilities, it is a solution suitable for international markets as well.

With Profile your team can recognize:

  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and increased efficiencies – FIS’ internal statistics indicate that the TCO for a real-time system can be as much as 60 percent less than legacy batch systems.
  • Consistent, real-time customer experience across multiple delivery channels – Profile provides integration with all delivery channels through a service-oriented architecture.
  • Platform and database independence – Profile operates in environments around the world today on a wide variety of hardware and operating system platforms, ensuring that financial services companies have the highest degree of flexibility and leverage in determining their operating environments.



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