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Profile® is FIS’ premier real-time, ultrascalable core banking system. It is a fully integrated solution that includes customer, banking product, account and transactional requirements. Loan and deposit products are supported by an extensive inventory of configurable features that are shared across all banking lines of business. With unmatched production scalability and ultrahigh availability, Profile supports hundreds of institutions, ranging from de novo startups to top-tier global banks, making it the premier choice for organizations committed to a 24/365, always-on solution.

Profile’s real-time processing architecture provides immediate updates to the system of record and completes every transaction at the point of sale, optimizing workflow and virtually eliminating reprocessing and reconciliation. Straight-through processing improves operational efficiency, information accuracy and customer service levels. Institutions using Profile as their core banking system experience industry-leading, total-cost-of-ownership benefits based on increased operational efficiency, as well as dramatically lower infrastructure costs.

Enables Business Agility and Competitive Advantage

Profile has a unique product architecture that is designed to dynamically adapt to the changing demands of the industry. Its core infrastructure is composed of thousands of modular features that are selectively assembled and combined to create retail and commercial banking products. These components enable all types of financial institutions to interactively and rapidly assemble new products that meet their unique business requirements and evolving market conditions. The product components are shared across traditional application and line-of-business boundaries, ensuring the most flexible configuration options. Through bank-defined overlays and rules, product definitions can be customized at various tiers down to the individual account level. Profile’s unique market-of-one capability follows retail best practices and provides an environment where each account is its own product.

Provides Consistent, Real-Time Customer Experience Across All Channels

Profile provides real-time integration with all delivery channels and enterprise middleware using an event-based services-oriented architecture (SOA). With appropriate authentication and entitlements, access is provided to the entire application and database through industry-standard interfaces. To specifically facilitate cross-industry integration, Profile supports the Interactive Financial eXchange (IFX) message standard.

Supports Growth and High Volume with Exceptional Reliability and Service Levels

Profile has been formally benchmarked at more than 3,000 online transactions per second and greater than 16,000 system-generated transactions per second. It has been benchmarked on configurations with up to 50 million accounts in a single database. The system is in production in multiple installations containing many millions of accounts, including a client that is running more than 16 million accounts in a single database. Profile’s extraordinary scalability is delivered in an environment that provides continuous 24/365 availability for all channels. It is implemented in a high-availability configuration that includes real-time local and near-real-time remote business recovery.

Profile Features and Benefits

  • Vastly improved time-to-market for new banking products based on extensive inventory of dynamically configurable pre-built components
  • Integrated architecture optimizes leverage of infrastructure, functionality and data across traditional silos
  • Real-time processing ensures up-to-date information and reduces re-processing, exception handling and reconciliation
  • Common database for all parameters, products and accounts improves efficiency and accuracy
  • Highly automated and customizable transaction processing simplifies front-office activity and eliminates errors
  • Concurrent online and batch processing optimizes workflow and scheduling
  • Access to an extensive inventory of pre-built reports and interfaces to industry-standard tools facilitates information management
  • Supports multilingual and multicurrency environments in an unlimited number of currencies and provides automatic tracking of currency positions
  • Very granular authorization and entitlements management extends to all services, business functions and database privileges
  • Benchmarked at 2,600 online transactions per second on a system configured with 50 million accounts
  • Complete audit trail of all access and updates for added security and reporting purposes

Technical Features

  • Platform independent – supports HP IA64 (Integrity), HP PA-RISC, HP-X86, HP-UX, Linux; IBM P-Series, IBM X-Series, AIX, Linux; Sun Sparc Solaris; Intel X-86 Linux
  • Open database model – including Profile/SQL and Oracle9i/10g; DB2 scheduled for 3Q 2009 release
  • Industry-standard interfaces for database and Web services access
  • Common, integrated event-based architecture supports all delivery channels
  • Multichannel servicing options including; TouchPoint®, Profile/Direct and Profile for Windows® (PFW)
  • Highly parameterized with features shared across the system, enabling institutions to configure the system to best meet their needs
  • Comprehensive, normalized and easily extendible schema with more than 1,500 tables and 20,000 column attributes
  • Very flexible and sophisticated Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for rapid development of custom enhancements
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