Advanced Lending Solutions (ALS)
The Advanced Lending Solutions (ALS) suite is the end-to-end single source for total lending automation – from loan servicing, to default management and reporting for the global marketplace.

ALS provides integrated lending solutions for a complete range of financial services, including automotive finance, commercial lending, consumer lending, independent finance, premium finance and mortgage processing for U.S. and international organizations. ALS clients receive the most efficient, least costly and most customer-centric lending technology available in the industry.

ALS has been chosen by 28 of the top 100 U.S. banks, 15 of the top 100 international banks and three of the top Automotive Captive Finance companies in the world.

ALS Servicing Manager – ALS Servicing Manager is a highly sophisticated, scalable software solution with a modular construction that supports a fully integrated system of account management and customer service for the life of the loan. With its flexibility and scalability, ALS Servicing Manager is a natural fit for retail, consumer, home equity, mortgage, and small-business to middle-market commercial lending. ALS Servicing Manager supports flexible rate and payment structures within a customer hierarchical structure.

ALS Advanced Escrow – ALS Advanced Escrow integrates with ALS Servicing Manager to accommodate all the needs of the escrowed loan portfolio: taxes, property insurance and other related items that need managing.

ALS Automotive Finance – FIS' ALS Automotive Finance is the servicing manager for automotive credit with the flexibility, features and functions to meet the high-volume, low-cost needs of a specialized and rapidly growing market. The software offers an integrated loan and lease system and with it the consequent savings and competitive advantages in operations, management and customer service. Click here to learn more about ALS-Automotive Finance.

ALS Dealer Finance – Dealer Finance (ALS-DF) is FIS’ industry-specific wholesale automotive finance solution that supports a full range of wholesale products. Click here to learn more about ALS-DF.

FIS Default Manager
FIS Default Manager is a comprehensive, enterprise solution for managing any collectable no matter which core accounting system is involved. This next-generation solution supports all types of delinquent accounts (i.e. consumer, commercial, mortgage, credit card and deposit overdraft). With its customer-centric design, dynamic risk segmentation and performance metrics, institutions obtain compelling and measurable results that cover all key components of default management including collections through recovery, bankruptcy, loss mitigation, repossession, end-of-term and third-party collections.

FIS Construction Loan Tracking Manager
Financial institutions need a construction lending solution that is tightly integrated with their core lending platform. They want an automated process that balances the construction loan budget and disbursement processes and provides configurable controls to manage risk across all aspects of the construction lending lifecycle.

FIS’ Construction Loan Tracking Manager assists institutions in re-engineering their processes and controls to better manage risk for the entire life cycle of construction lending. Construction Loan Tracking Manager is also an enterprise solution not specific to the Systematics suite of products and can be integrated to any core loan servicing system.

During uncertain times of risk management for construction lenders, FI’s who service construction loans are tracking the budget, inspections and disbursement processes manually in most cases. The Construction Loan Tracking Management system bridges all construction loan budget and workflow activities into a single system with modular design. This includes individual builders, development loans and large commercial construction loans.

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