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Document Output

Many organizations have discovered that it’s cost-effective to outsource their essential but non-core business operations to FIS Output Solutions. For more than 40 years, our experts have helped banks, credit unions, insurance companies, healthcare providers, utility companies and government entities compete successfully in their markets.

FIS can help you, too – our complete suite of integrated solutions will meet your needs for data processing, laser document printing, automated mailing services, document archiving and retrieval, and electronic statement presentment.

FIS Output Solutions – Simplifying Your Customer Communications

Sending customers invoices or statements is often considered a tactical and costly element of doing business. Over the years, organizations have decided to outsource this function to save money and improve efficiencies. With the ongoing shift from paper to electronic documentation, however, many companies are beginning to see this function in an entirely new light; it’s not only a chance for them to save money but also an opportunity to engage in dynamic conversation with their customers via traditional vehicles such as statements, invoices, welcome letters, service alerts and customer service reminders.

FIS has the expertise and knowledge of the document processing lifecycle to bring a superior level of excellence that helps organizations get much more from their output. FIS can help find more innovative and effective document designs, and creative ways to incorporate compelling messages and offers in the most affordable and impactful manner.

Our approach goes well beyond standard cost reductions to provide organizations a more strategic way to enhance their customer experience and increase loyalty. As the market evolves, FIS continues to lead through greater innovation, deeper expertise and a stronger commitment to deliver value.

That's FIS Output Solutions.