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Open Payment Framework for Payments Unification

Leading at the forefront of real-time payments innovation and next-generation payments architecture, FIS delivers the technologies and assets that will enable financial institutions across the globe to realize a truly modern payments environment, encompassing all customer channels, simplifying payment operations, reducing costs and providing a frictionless commerce experience for business clients and consumers alike.

Its pure Service Oriented Architecture-based Open Payment Framework (OPF) facilitates banks and financial organisations in their provision of payments services, whether they be Card, ACH, Branch, Bulk, High Care or International payment transactions.

The OPF technology helps to reduce transaction processing costs and to deliver new, compelling payment services in a way that drives both efficiencies and new growth through innovation. Functions embrace payments origination, reporting, linkage with back-office processing systems, clearing, netting and settlement. In addition a range of Payments Testing solutions (OTS) is offered.

Best Payments Award

In 2014 the Open Payment Framework won the much coveted Reader’s Choice Award for Best Payments Product by Banking Technology 2014.


Best Innovation Award in ACH

PYMNTS.com and its Innovation Project 2015 awarded the Open Payment Framework the NACHA Award for Best Innovation in ACH for delivering secure, timely and streamlined payments processing.


Open Payment Framework

FIS offers world class solutions based on the Open Payment Framework (OPF). The OPF is a library of component building blocks from which payments solutions can be derived.

SWIFT ready 2015 PaymentsThe Open Payment Framework is built entirely on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) delivering common, reusable services consisting of:

  • a comprehensive data model
  • choreographed payment business processes
  • a Software Development Kit
  • configurable services including parsing, validation, cost based routing, warehousing security, auditing and many more

Pre-defined solutions for domestic and international payments in any global region in its Bank Payment Hub include:

  • SEPA
  • UK Faster Payments
  • SIC4 (CH)
  • G3 Immediate Payments (SG)
  • New Payments Platform (AU)
  • Euro High-Value TARGET2/EURO1
  • Fedwire and Chips
  • Business Payments
  • China solutions

The system equally offers a range of value add solutions for:

  • Dispute management
  • Consumer Remittance
  • Imaged Check Processing
  • Tax Data Service
  • EBPP
  • Business Activity Monitoring




Payments Innovation

As a leader in payments technology, FIS keeps its finger on the pulse in a number of industry and technology developments.

Real-time payments

FIS covers Immediate Payments’ developments around the world through its second edition research called Flavours of Fast and the global Fast Payment Innovation Index.

PSD2 and XS2A

Open Access to Accounts is some of the main topics in enterprise payments today and on the strategic agenda of payments business and infrastructure in global financial institutions. The impending European PSD2 regulation, the next step in European payments harmonisation and modernisation, is viewed by many as a pre-cursor to full API-banking. FIS and Finextra surveyed 100 international banks on this topic. Read more on their comfort of awareness, security and identity concerns, vision on app store banking, and how they intend to manage this compliance issue that is by most seen as a massive opportunity for customer centric core banking.



Payment Test Solution

Going to market quickly and efficiently with a performant payment solution is critical. Testing saves time, ensures quality and protects your brand reputation.

FIS Open Test Solutions provides you automated test solutions for cards, ATMs, payment devices, mobile payment implementations, host and switches and payment networks. By virtualizing the components of your end-to-end payment chain, we give you a cost-effective test environment to accelerate the delivery of valuable quality services to your customers. We support you with functional testing, capacity testing, terminal integration testing and regression testing.

A range of off-the-shelf solutions are available. These are fully prepared solutions that include virtualization (simulation) options and pre-defined test scenarios. The modular approach of our test platform gives you the freedom to build the test environment you really need. Besides standard solutions, we can build you customized test tools.

  • Facilitate conformance to industry standards such as EMV
  • Deliver high quality solutions and guarantee that systems run optimally
  • Enable standardised testing and a repeatable test process
  • Save time and money: automated testing reduces human intervention
  • Improve cost-efficiency: debug during development, ease certification processes, avoid costs of certification failure
  • Flexibility: build projects to specific requirements: customise and develop additional tests
  • Ever-available test environment using simulators
  • End-to-End solutions: cover every component in your value chain
  • Manage change: add value throughout your applications or system lifespan

Find out more about the Open Test Solutions.