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Expedited Payments

Help customers manage hectic lifestyles with Expedited Payments solutions
Provide one worry-free place to pay bills − even at the last minute − by offering same-day electronic and overnight check payments. Expedited Payments can strengthen consumer loyalty and generate new income from convenience fees and interchange.

With FIS’ Expedited Payments, your institution can offer:

  • Same-day electronic payments
    • Less expensive to process than check payments
    • Offered at attractive prices
  • Overnight checks
    • Delivered to practically any payee
    • Consumers see this as a premium service and are willing to pay a premium fee

The Expedited Payment feature handles the billing and collection of convenience fees. This ease-of-use ensures repeat usage of the service, which increases your fee revenue. For more information on Expedited Payments from FIS, call 800.822.6758.

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