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If you're an individual, just complete and return the P2P Electronic Payment Enrollment Form.

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Biller Payment Automation Overview

A critical link in bill payment services
Payment automation and speed in payment posting is a key factor in creating a positive customer experience with bill payment processing. Payment remittance automation is becoming more and more common, but if you are not prepared to receive payments electronically, your business may be experiencing unnecessary cost and work.

Not only are paper payments typically more labor intensive to process, they are also more likely to become part of your exception process in accounts receivable, which may lead to posting delays and increased customer calls.

What's in it for you?
FIS™ offers the widest variety of remittance methods that makes it easy for you to receive electronic payments. Ultimately, this results in greater operational efficiencies and money saved for you with a reduction in the number of check payments received.

With electronic payment remittance from FIS, you can experience a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved cash flow, because you receive payments faster
  • Deposit of payment funds directly into your business checking account
  • Multiple delivery methods to receive payment detail (payment detail can come to your financial institution or directly to you)
  • The ability to create automatic uploads to the accounts receivables program from files received
  • Reductions to your accounting/bookkeeping overhead
  • Improved customer experience because payments are received and posted faster

What's in it for your customers?
Your customers benefit from your ability to accept electronic payments, too. By accepting and supporting electronic payments, you can improve customer service through increased speed of payment posting and reduced payment exceptions.

How to get started
Are you eager to find out more? Maybe you're even ready to start. FIS has created a Web site just for billers where you can enroll to begin the qualification process of automating payments.

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