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FIS People Pay

An Innovative Solution

For many consumers, using cash or checks has been the easiest way to pay a friend or acquaintance. However, with more and more consumers making retail purchases and managing finances via smartphones or other electronic devices, the time is right to introduce a new way of sending money that’s fast, convenient and safe.

With FIS™ People Pay, the next product offering within the ePayments suite of online banking and money movement products, your consumers can now pay people in a few simple steps.

Here’s How It Works

Whether your consumers use a mobile phone, tablet or computer, FIS People Pay provides them a user-friendly interface that is similar to what they already experience online today – without the need to visit third-party Web sites.

  • First, the payer enters the recipient’s contact and payment information.
  • Next, an e-mail or text alert with instructions on how to pick up the money is sent to the recipient.
  • Now, the money is available from your secure FIS People Pay portal.
  • With FIS People Pay, your consumers can start sending money instantly – it’s that easy.

The Benefits of FIS People Pay

As an FIS People Pay client, your organization will join other financial institutions in the People Pay Network, which includes your consumers as well as non-consumers. Since your secure FIS People Pay portal is customizable and can be designed to include your organization’s logo and branding, the network allows exposure to your brand by a larger consumer and non-consumer base.

Also, FIS People Pay provides seamless integration into your online banking system so that your consumers never have to visit a third-party site. With real-time debits, payments are available immediately.

Consumers can manage all their payments in one location without slowing down their busy lifestyles. FIS People Pay is the fast, safe way to send money online. Individuals can:

  • Pay their roommate back for shared rent or household expenses
  • Send cash to a niece or nephew in college
  • Pay back a friend for lunch or concert tickets
  • Make sure the soccer team dues are paid in time for next week’s game

If there is a person to be paid, then FIS People Pay is the perfect solution to meet your consumers’ needs.

Contact Us

For more information, contact your client relationship manager, call 800.822.6758 or visit www.fisglobal.com.

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