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Government Payments

Give your constituents the convenience of making payments when, where and how they desire.

In an industry with new providers emerging every day, FIS™ has a proven track record of experience with payment solutions – in numerous cities, counties and states and a solid base customer base, including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The Government Payments Landscape
Government agencies at all levels (federal, state, local) are heavily engaged in accepting payments – whether for recurring services such as public utilities and water, for occasionally issued permits and licenses, for quarterly or annual tax payments, or for various other one-time fees, fines, and citations. As a result, there are millions of financial transactions between government agencies, citizens and businesses every day – many of which involve cash, checks and manual processes. The sheer volume and variety of payments agencies must contend with, coupled with a heightened focus on transparency, security and compliance, makes the government payments domain truly unique.

However, evolving payment technology is continuing to change the face of government payments. Automating bill and invoice presentment and payments by migrating to electronic methods can improve service and result in cost savings for multiple departments across the agency. With cost-cutting a priority for most government entities, electronic payment solutions can automate processes, improve cash flow, reduce costs, and improve service – for the benefit of your constituents.

FIS Can Help
A certified IRS payment processor, FIS eliminates the hassles of manual transactions through a comprehensive suite of electronic payment solutions for federal, state and local government agencies. Customers and businesses can quickly and easily pay taxes, fees and bills 24/7 via the Internet, by phone, or at the point of sale. They can use credit cards, debit cards, and even checks. With FIS, government agencies can give their constituents what they are demanding – the convenience of making payments when, where and how they want.

Flexibility Through Features
Every government agency has its own unique requirements, processes and priorities. FIS has the agility and flexibility to meet your unique business needs.

  • FIS is Your Processor – Regardless of the payment type – credit, debit, PINless debit, ACH, eCheck, check, or new niche payment types – FIS can process it.
  • Funding Flexibility – FIS will accommodate virtually any settlement request that we receive. Every municipality or business has its own accounting department, auditor or controllers who determine how funds must flow. We work with your agency to meet your requirements.
  • Easy Reconciliation – FIS’ settlement engine makes it possible to reduce the deposits that you need to reconcile – down to a single deposit each day, versus one reconciliation per payment type – without sacrificing any information. If you need more than one deposit, or one deposit per agency, or deposits in virtually any configuration, FIS can support it.
    Detailed, Real-time Reporting – Government agencies have increased flexibility to manage their payment transaction history with FIS’ detailed transaction reporting capabilities. Users can run reports based on a variety of search criteria 24/7. This advanced, real-time reporting option allows users to generate transaction, batch and refund reports with the versatility of omitting displayed fields, changing field names to coincide with customer/industry terminology, and saving frequently generated reports. In addition, refunds can be submitted and tracked online.
  • Complex Applications and Implementations – FIS has deep expertise in complex integration and multi-channel payment processing for government entities in all aspects of electronic payments – for large cities, counties, and entire states. Regardless of the complexity or uniqueness of your requirements, FIS can build and deploy an electronic payment solution to meet your agency’s needs.
  • Security – FIS takes security very seriously. We are subject to numerous audits and inspections each year to ensure we are compliant with necessary standards. For example, we go through yearly Independent Validation and Verification audits from the US Treasury to ensure our business processes meet the highest level of security. Ultimately, this allows us to remove the compliance burden for our customers, regardless of the standards that they have to be measured against – whether it’s PCI or any other security standard.

FIS: A Proven Industry Leader
Since 1995 (initially as Link2Gov), FIS has completed millions of transactions for governments across the country. In an industry with new providers emerging every day, FIS has a proven track record of experience with payment solutions in numerous states, and a solid base of satisfied customers, including the IRS. Governments and utilities across America have turned to us to create electronic payment processing solutions because we know how to build comprehensive, secure and reliable payment systems and keep them running smoothly.

Our customers experience many benefits, including:

  • Reduction of In-office Traffic – Providing electronic payment options helps eliminate in-office traffic, which is especially important in days of heightened security and liability concerns.
  • Cash Flow – The ability to accept electronic payments has many financial benefits: Funds are available faster and require less administrative work, accounts receivable operations are more efficient, collection cycles are shorter, NSF checks are significantly reduced, and payments are posted more quickly than through mail-in or other payment vehicles.
  • Going Green – The benefit of accepting electronic payments is not limited to financial and efficiency gains – it’s also a more eco-friendly business strategy, with many positive effects on the environment.
  • Efficiency Gains – Electronic payments enable government agencies to save money, increase efficiencies, and optimize staff time – freeing them from the burden of handling manual transactions.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Through flexible and varied payment options, government agencies are able to offer their citizens the highest level of convenience. These days, accepting online payments may be more of a necessity than a convenience. More and more, customers are expecting to be able to view billing information and make payments online.
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