Benefits of Buying Through FIS

Competitive Pricing
FIS is able to negotiate discounts with our vendors due to the large volume we purchase. We then pass savings on to you with prices up to 50% of list price.

Guaranteed Compatibility
The equipment you buy from us has been tested and confirmed to function correctly with your FIS core platform. Our network consultants understand your operations, your technology platform and how the vendor equipment needs to be configured to work correctly.

FIS is Your Trusted Partner
When you purchase your equipment through FIS, you can be confident that you are buying from someone you know and trust.

Leverage One Vendor Relationship – Us!
You don’t have to deal with multiple vendors, getting multiple quotes, processing payment to different providers, etc. Work with us, and we’ll help you with all your PC, network, printers, LANs, cash devices, etc. – one vendor, one quote, one invoice, one provider to go back to if you have any questions or issues.

Contact Us
To take advantage of FIS’ scale and relationships with the leading hardware vendors in the industry, call 800.822.6758

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