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Document Imaging

Our Document Imaging solutions are integrated modules of our item processing applications designed for high volume scanning, indexing, archival, and retrieval of electronically stored documents.

FIS’ VisionContent solutions provide the fastest, most cost effective and comprehensive solutions to acquire, index, store, archive, and retrieve financial documents and check images, providing instant access to business-critical data. Information is securely and electronically stored in a centralized repository yet is easily accessible to qualified personnel at branch locations. With customizable tools that combine imaging, advanced capture, and browser technology, financial institutions can more efficiently manage data, documents, and reports for customers.

VisionContent: Reports
VisionContent: Reports is a browser-based Enterprise Report Management (ERM/COLD) solution that offers high-volume, high-speed storage and retrieval of mission-critical report data such as customer statements and reports.

VisionContent: Lending
VisionContent: Lending captures, stores and provides instant access to loan files and documents.

VisionContent: Deposit
VisionContent: Deposit efficiently captures, stores, and retrieves any documents required for the creation and maintenance of a deposit account.

VisionContent: Documents
VisionContent: Documents is a browser-based document imaging solution that helps manage paper files through an electronic file folder paradigm.

VisionContent: Transaction
VisionContent: Transaction is a complete solution for long-term archive and retrieval of checks and documents for financial institutions of all sizes.

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