Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection is a rule-based, image-enabled suite of products that offers a variety of fraud detection capabilities at the point of presentment used to prevent or mitigate losses associated with deposit and payment fraud. The suite’s products — Filters, Positive Pay, and Teller Alert — are used in concert to identify and prevent fraud and associated losses at the teller line and in bank operations.

Fraud Detection - Filters
Our Fraud Filters solution targets a specific type of fraud in searching for suspicious items, including High Dollar, Special Watch, New Account, Non MICR, Serial Variance, Amount Variance, Multiple Deposits, Kiting, NSF Screening, Employee Audit, and Fraud ACH.

Fraud Detection - Positive Pay
Our Positive Pay solution has each customer notifying the institution of all checks issued. As each check is processed, the program compares the information to that sent by the customer, flagging all items with variations.

Fraud Detection - Teller Alert
Our Teller Alert solution extends the reach of fraud detection to the teller window – a crucial real-time checkpoint. By having the tellers review the on-screen signature cards as they come through the teller line, fraudulent checks are immediately identified and losses are prevented.

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