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FIS delivers 'best-of-breed' lending solutions that are used by some of the top lenders in the world and can easily manage the rapid, successive changes occurring in the financial services industry. Combining comprehensive customer information, flexible product offerings, service, sophistication and scale, FIS provides integrated lending solutions that help organizations offer the right product to the right customer.

Many of our core processing platforms support the creation of a wide range of loan and credit products. In addition, we offer retail and consumer lending products that do not require your institution to utilize one of our core solutions. For example:

Origenate® is a complete loan origination software system that automates the entire workflow from origination to booking. With client-configurable features, Origenate provides more control over workflow and delivers fast, reliable decisions to help lenders effectively manage risk and improve productivity. Origenate’s contract processing module includes automated contract verification, electronic checklists and integrated document viewing.

FIS CreditWorx™ is the complete indirect point-of-sale financing solution used by many top financial institutions, manufacturers, and retailers to provide best-in-class financing experience for their entire indirect financing channel. The solution has been designed to support multiple loan types, multiple score models and multiple origination points.

FIS Automotive Financing offers both dealer and wholesaler software solutions for the global automotive finance industry, supported through service-oriented architecture (SOA).

To learn more about these products and other lending solutions available from FIS Lending Solutions, call 800.822.6758 or e-mail us.

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