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Mobility extends the value of your services and boosts your profitability.

With FIS™ banking and payments technology, mobilization is an exciting extension of your existing services. From card services like prepaid and debit to mobile wallet, remote deposit capture and tablet banking applications, FIS delivers a portfolio of mobile financial services relevant to your strategies to achieve the highest ROI and create a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

  • Fully integrated systems - Drive unparalleled satisfaction by connecting customers to their finances through mobile in the most intuitive, innovative and seamless approach.
  • Security - The latest security features give institutions the peace of mind that their customer data, transactions and reputation are protected.
  • Today and beyond - Our award-winning expertise ensures our clients are getting everything they want - before they need it.

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FIS Mobile earned the 2013 Best in Class Mobile Banking Vendor Overall from Javelin Strategy & Research, the group's highest award for mobile banking vendors.


Frost & Sullivan awarded FIS with the Best Practice for Customer Value Enhancement Award 2014 for the FIS Mobile Wallet.

Mobile Banking

Created with the end user in mind, FIS Mobile Banking gives customers the ability to manage their money with confidence and convenience.


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Key Benefits:

  • Quality experience - With fully branded iPhone® and Android™ apps as well as access across all U.S. phone carriers, FIS Mobile Banking solutions are intuitive, innovative and seamless.
  • Security - Security is important to mobile users. That’s why FIS solutions include multi-factor authentication, device timeout and the flexibility to support the unique standards of each institution with no personal data stored on the device.
  • Increased revenue and market share - Attract new users and increase deposits from existing customers by allowing them to deposit checks on their mobile device by leveraging the power, risk protection and fraud mitigation of FIS Xpress Deposit (FXD).
  • Reduced expenses - Reduce the cost of servicing by utilizing the self-service mobile channel.

Mobile Business Banking

Business Iphone

Financial institutions know that business customers put a premium on their time. These customers want on-the-go access to their accounts through a secure solution tailored to meet their unique business needs. FIS Mobile Business Banking has been designed with the capabilities your business customers want today and the vision to help you succeed in the future.

Key Benefits:

  • Leading-edge technology - Offer customers a full business banking experience across a range of mobile devices – soon to include mobile check deposit.
  • Integration - Customers only have to remember one set of secure credentials because of the tight integration with FIS Business eBanking (BeB) and core solutions.
  • Security - The latest security features protect customer transactions and data.

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Tablet Banking

Tablet devices are a pervasive part of the consumer landscape and are becoming mainstream for a variety of uses, including banking. In addition to the features included in FIS Mobile Banking, the Tablet Banking application is enhanced specifically for use on a tablet device. The native app provides access to multiple accounts, a display of relevant offers or marketing messages, and tools that can be customized by financial institutions. It also offers users a richer experience, taking advantage of the larger screen and optimized visual interaction on the tablet device.

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FIS mobile tablet image

Mobile Wallet with Cardless Cash

The FIS Mobile Wallet with Cardless Cash® is a cloud-based platform that gives financial institutions control of the branding and user experience within the application. As a fully enabled commerce solution, customers can add debit, credit, stored value and loyalty cards, as well as redeem mobile coupons and targets offers. All credentials are stored securely in the cloud, not on the phone.

Cardless Cash allows users to make cash withdrawals at an ATM using only their smartphone. Authentication, account selection and amount selection all occur through the mobile app and a QR code is scanned to complete the transaction.

Digital banking customers trust their financial institution with their money management – offer them the same confidence and consistent experience in a mobile payments solution.

> Watch FIS Mobile Wallet with Cardless Cash Access

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Key Benefits:

  • Convenience - Using only the mobile app, enable customers to pay at the point of sale (POS) or pre-order cash for withdrawal at a participating ATM.
  • Speed - Decrease the time your customers spend checking out at a store and waiting for cash at the ATM to increase satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Security - Leverage cloud-based security to ensure your customers’ personal and payment information is never stored on the phone or exposed to the POS.

Mobile Prepaid

Today’s unbanked and underbanked consumers represent a significant opportunity to financial institutions, as they are most likely to access the Internet using a mobile phone. Customers who use prepaid cards want full control of their money – anytime, anywhere. FIS allows financial institutions to serve the needs of all of their prepaid cardholders with an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile prepaid solution.

Key Benefits:

  • Card engagement - Increase balances and spend by putting load and payment information in cardholders’ hands.
  • Customer notifications - Alerts and messaging help customers track spending and keep control of their finances.
  • Increased revenue - Offer highly valued mobile features to prepaid card customers.

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FIS mobile prepaid image