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Network ATM Solutions

NYCE Network ATM solutions allow you to create a comprehensive suite of services to best suit your consumers’ needs. Whichever alternatives you choose, your consumers will experience total convenience with access to more than 400,000 ATMs everywhere they shop, live, work and travel in the U.S. and its territories and over 500,000 ATMs worldwide. They’ll also appreciate 24/7 access to our ATM locator online at www.nyce.net and our free downloadable mobile app available for iPhone® and Android smartphones.

Services include:

Surcharge-Free ATMs – SUM® is the surcharge-free program offered by NYCE which allows cardholders of participating financial institutions to make surcharge-free withdrawals at the designated ATMs of other SUM members. There are no expensive cardholder royalty fees, since fees are based on usage. In addition, by taking advantage of our business arrangements with the Presto!  and MoneyPass networks,  you can provide your cardholders with access to more than 27,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide.

Limited Surcharge ATMs – DOLLAR$TOP® is the innovative limited surcharge program offered by NYCE. Financial institutions can offer their cardholders ATM cash at thousands of popular locations around the U.S. at a fixed surcharge fee of just $1.00. Financial institutions can save their customers money while reducing expenses associated with proprietary surcharge-rebate policies and surcharge-free programs.

Shared Deposit ATMs – With more than 500 participating institutions in 39 states and the District of Columbia, NYCE cardholders can make deposits at more than 8,000 ATMs and point of banking terminals  – with no program or enrollment fees.

Overdraft Notification Alert Service – Provide real-time overdraft alerts to cardholders during NYCE transactions at enrolled ATMs.

Value Media Disbursement – Allows ATM acquirers to provide products and services – stamps, tickets, prepaid cards and more – to NYCE participants from their ATMs.

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