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Open Test Solutions

Testing is a critical process in any enterprise environment. Especially in the payments industry, your brand reputation needs to be pristine. However, going to market fast with the right payment solution, can be challenging. FIS Open Test Solutions help you to save time and implement payment innovations that meet the highest quality standards.

Reliable payment solutions, superior quality, innovation and a correct implementation of standard (such as EMV) all rely on a good test strategy. FIS Open Test Solutions help you to virtualize your test environment and do more with less by implementing automated, continuous testing.

We strive to establish a genuine long-term relationship with our customers. Building on this close partnership enables us to generate insights that we use to develop the solution that fits your business perfectly. You can rely on 25 years of expertise…more than 500 customers already do.






Payment Test Solutions

Meet deadlines, ensure conformance and deliver the highest possible quality to your customers.

FIS is an expert provider of test solutions and services for the payment sector. Our people help financial institutions, payment networks and merchants ensure that their payment innovations meet the highest quality standards.

By virtualizing (or simulating) all components of your end-to-end payment chain, we give you a cost-effective test environment to accelerate the delivery of quality services to your customers. We support you with functional testing, capacity testing, terminal integration testing and regression testing.

  • Ensure conformance to industry standards
  • Deliver reliable solutions
  • Enable continuous testing and repeatable test processes
  • Save time and money: automated test tools reduce human intervention
  • Improve cost-efficiency: debug during development, ease certification processes, avoid costs of certification failure
  • Flexibility: customize projects to specific requirements, develop additional tests
  • Virtualization removes your dependency on live system
  • End-to-End testing: virtualize/simulate and cover every component in your value chain
  • Manage change: add value throughout your applications or system lifespan

Our test solutions support most de facto standards and are used by reference companies such as American Express, Discover, Pulse, JCB, MasterCard, UnionPay, Visa and more as well as industry organisations such as EMVCo.




Payment Test Services

Deadlines, risks, certifications, costs, customer experience and technical challenges. FIS Open Test Solutions help you tackle the growing complexity of the payment world.

With 25 years of payments testing expertise, we understand the challenges that you face and support you with

  • Certification Services: comply with the standards and requirements set by domestic payment brands, international card brands including American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, UnionPay, Visa, or organisations such as EMVCo.
  • EMV Terminal Integration Services: facilitate your pre-certification and brand certification
  • Test Optimisation Services: assess and improve your test approach and help you set-up an automated test environment
  • Expertise and training: solving both your business and technology challenges.

FIS is an accredited service supplier of Visa and MasterCard chip services and a contributor to the Payments Security Taskforce (PST).




EMV Migration

Your journey to EMV can be an easy one

Introducing chip cards brings new functionalities and added security, but also increases the complexity of a payment transaction. When deploying your card payment devices, you need to ensure these are tested and certified according to brand requirements and EMVCo specifications.

EMV Chip Cards

Terminal Integration Test Solutions and Test Services

Our test solutions for terminal integration simplify your move to EMV and ensure you the correct integration of terminal and acquirer; the tools can be used during pre-certification and brand certification processes. Automation makes certain that you and your staff’s valuable time is being utilized in the most optimal way.

FIS is an active contributor to the Payments Security Taskforce (PST) and an experienced service provider helping you to navigate through the complexities, become compliant and optimize your investment in EMV. We work closely with industry organizations such as EMVCo and domestic and international payment brands such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and UnionPay.

EMV Consulting

Unlocking the power of EMV can be a challenge. Faced with the pressures of deadlines, risks, certifications, costs, customer experience and technical challenges, where do you begin? And what comes next?

With FIS Open Test Solutions as your partner, we’ll show you precisely what you need to do, and when. We’ll help you understand your new responsibilities and guide you towards a winning strategy .