PayNet – Competitive, Real-time Money Movement from FIS

PayNet Payment Network Benefits You and Your Customers

Your customers don’t always know when they’ll need access to cash on the spot. That’s where PayNet® comes in. PayNet is the power that moves money now.

PayNet creates an instant money movement win-win for you and your customers. The secure, open architecture platform provides a transparent, seamless interface that lets you offer both your retail and business customers instant access to funds on demand.

PayNet Graphic

PayNet from FIS™ is built on the good funds model, enabling instant authorization approvals, money transfers and inquiries. The money movement solution integrates with many front-end systems used by originators. It also powers global access to deposit accounts, across multiple channels, without requiring card information.

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With PayNet from FIS, you can:

  • Create a new source of fee income
  • Process instant person-to-person (P2P), account-to-account (A2A) and wire transfers
  • Immediately process checks
  • Expedite bill payment (replacing ACH)
  • Provide direct mobile/electronic wallet access to deposit accounts
  • Validate account information and balances in real time
  • Provide timely, relevant payment services
  • Reduce your risk of fraud
  • Strengthen your competitive edge


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