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Retail Payments

Back Office Conversion
Utilizes scanned image replacement documents (IRDs) to deposit, convert and process check payments remotely in the back office

Check Authorization
Check guaranty and self-risk check management programs for personal and business check acceptance designed to increase sales and manage the point-of-purchase

Check Image Processing
As one of the nation’s largest check imaging solution providers, FIS helps financial institutions deliver improved back office efficiency while reducing the incidence of fraud. Increased customer loyalty, reduced workloads and fraud risk – flexible deposit automation solutions from FIS give financial institutions these advantages and more.

Since 1995 ClearCommerce®, Certegy®'s complete suite of e-commerce solutions, has helped customers manage all of the payment and fraud challenges associated with their CNP business.

Electronic Check Authorization
Quickly and efficiently converts paper checks to electronic ACH transactions and reduces the cost of check acceptance.

FIS InstantFunds
Check cashing, check to prepaid card loading, check to deposit and ACH Warranty are all part of this distinctive suite of solutions that helps meet the immediate funds availability demands of today’s consumers, completely risk-free.  

Merchant Branded Debit Card
InterPayment™ is a sleek new payment alternative that reduces payment costs, boosts loyalty program return on investment (ROI) and enhances your customers’ experience - all while showcasing your company brand.”

Mail Order/Lockbox Processing
Check and ACH service solutions for mail order, catalog and lockbox-received transactions are designed to streamline the check receiving process, reducing costs and managing risk when customers are not present.