Regulatory Reporting Solutions

Through a powerful combination of deep regulatory knowledge and a broad product portfolio, FIS is able to provide financial institutions everything they need to relieve their regulatory reporting and compliance burden.

CallReporter Premier is our software solution designed to assist banks in the completion of their quarterly FFIEC Call Report. CallReporter Premier is full-featured, yet simple, affordable and by far, the easiest system to navigate. It utilizes the power and ease of Microsoft® Windows® to deliver convenience, reliability, and the most advanced and productive call reporting systems in the market today.

TimeSaver Premier, designed exclusively for our CallReporter Premier clients, is the ultimate tool for helping financial institutions to streamline the call report preparation process. TimeSaver Premier is a customized solution that integrates your core processor reports with CallReporter Premier. TimeSaver Premier uses the reports you want to use to prepare your call report.

RiskReporter is a low-cost software solution that automates your risk-based capital compliance. With its easy-to-use functionality, RiskReporter automatically imports from CallReporter Premier the call report line items needed to complete the RC-R Regulatory Capital Schedule. RiskReporter does all the calculations and completes the RC-R Regulatory Capital Schedule by posting all the necessary values to the line items.

Y9Reporter, approved by the Federal Reserve for U.S. bank holding companies, will prepare and electronically submit your institution’s quarterly Y9-C, Y9-LP, Y-9ES, Y-11, and Y-11S reports. It is an advanced, user-friendly solution for streamlining the FRB critical reports. Bank data is imported automatically, with thousands of edit checks to warn you of possible errors to ensure your work is reported accurately.

Summary of Deposits is a pre-programmed solution to help produce the annual Summary of Deposits report required by the FDIC. The SOD program arrives pre-programmed with complete information for each branch/office of your bank. Edit checks are built in to the SOD program to ensure the accuracy of your work.

FR2900 quickly and easily streamlines your FR2900 reporting. FIS offers an economical and efficient Windows-based application that enables you to automatically prepare, error check, and electronically submit your reports directly to the Federal Reserve. The reporting software can be used by FR2900 weekly or quarterly filers.

Financial Manager is an affordable bank budgeting, reporting and financial planning solution, making it a breeze to create accurate and professional budgets. This budgeting tool includes performance features that will save your institution valuable time and includes average and month-end balances; performance ratios; yield and cost calculations; federal, state, and local tax calculations; actual and average comparisons.

Business Continuity is a web-based system that will help you develop information systems policies, business impact analysis, risk assessment, and contingency plans. The FIS Business Continuity System helps you define and document emergency response teams and a sound business resumption plan to respond to natural or man-made disasters. The system is available 24/7 for your access and storage, and can be accessed from any standard Internet connection.

Digital Compliance is an affordable service to maintain your technology vendor management requirements. Acquiring and maintaining due diligence from your vendors takes time, money and constant attention. We acquire and maintain all vendor documentation recommended by regulatory agencies. This service will reduce the potential for audit exceptions. All documentation is stored and can be accessed 24/7 and can be delivered via CD.

RiskGPS is a powerful, yet cost-effective solution analyzes your interest rate risk profile on a quarterly basis for interest rate changes. With 20 quarters of your most recent call report data, RiskGPS reveals important historical trends that are critical for interest-rate risk compliance and back testing of the model. The software delivers the current Blue Chip Forecasters interest rate projections to perform Income Statement/Assets and Earnings/Capital forecasts that are based on your institution’s profile and interest rate trends. RiskGPS uses your most recent call report data, and automatically develops assumptions based on history.

BankersGPS puts powerful, competitive information and forecasting at your fingertips. Compare the impact of “what-if” tactics, seeemerging trends, and easily create a strategic performance plan. There is no data loading required, and no software to install. It contains call report history for every bank in the country and it’s easy to test your options as the environment changes. Instantly see the impact on your bank’s future performance as you evaluate tactics to solve your most pressing issues.

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