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Solutions for improving your business

FIS' community bank consulting services delivers a significant return on clients' investments by producing tangible results in the areas of revenue growth and expense management. Expense savings and revenue generation generally exceed initial projections, and are sustainable over many financial reporting periods. Improve financial performance with advisory services in expense management and revenue enhancement

FIS' business consulting services utilizes a professional staff with senior management experience and core banking process competencies. Banking consultants leverage the knowledge and experience gained from analyzing and improving more than 300 financial operational entities.

A three-phase methodology comprises FIS' community bank consulting activities:

  • Discovery – The first step is to fully comprehend the operations. This entails determining production volumes, resource investments and, technology utilization and documenting detailed workflow diagrams of every action or process. Ultimately, this allows the comparison of the organization's performance with others.
  • Development – Options are presented for improving an organization that include a comprehensive description of the anticipated effects on the organization. Whether the focus is on strategy, structure, policy, process or technology, ultimately the client decides how to take advantage of the improvement process. The only way a client can know when they've reached their destination is to truly know their destination - and the more detailed management's knowledge is, the better. FIS' banking consultants create the information necessary for an organization to reach its goals. This may be at the desktop level, the organizational level, or somewhere in between. No matter what the situation, FIS' consultants provide a detailed description of the goals and a suitable plan to realize them.
  • Implementation – Most organizations possess talented management capable of running day-to-day functions, but implementing change requires transitioning an organization from where it is today to where it wants to be. This is one of FIS' core strengths. The banking consultants work together with an organization's management to implement changes as soon as possible, since time is the ultimate resource.
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