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Put Our Marketing Expertise to Work for You

FIS™not only provides you with industry-leading solutions, we also offer expert marketing support to guide your solution from successful launch through customer acquisition, usage and retention. To help you develop marketing campaigns and promote your business, we've created a marketing tool kit for each of our solutions which includes a comprehensive library of marketing materials and support resources.

Using the tactics outlined in the kits will help ensure your customers or members receive your marketing messages in a variety of ways. The creative materials consist of print-ready art and text files that you can download, modify and customize with your logo. The files come in several different formats and sizes, allowing you to choose the most effective communication method to help you promote a particular campaign. Just have a graphic designer or printer download the source files and update the pieces to reflect your organization's brand identity.

You can access your FIS Solutions here:

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When it comes to your consumer and commercial marketing, FIS has you covered.