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How Private Equity Accounting Teams Can Work Smarter and Minimize Errors

March 26, 2018

Eliminating errors and saving time are the top goals of every private equity accounting team. Of course, your technology needs to be flexible, scalable and future-ready to accomplish this. This is why we are so focused on continually refining and enhancing our technology – you can get the job done more efficiently and effectively.

With Investran 2018, our newest solution offering for private equity managers and investors, FIS brings the full accounting power of Investran to the web. Now with an advanced user interface, Investran 2018 takes productivity to the next level. It’s easier than ever to capture and store data, but as the data sets grow vast, it becomes harder to find what you’re looking for. Whether you need to create user-specific filters, search within batches, or search by keywords across specific rows of the database, this new version of Investran has you covered.

Narrow down data with smarter search
At FIS, we’re always thinking about how to enhance the user experience and increase performance. Speed matters. That’s why we added new functionality to Investran that has strengthened its search capabilities. You can now easily click across data fields and instantly narrow your search results to only the data you want to see. With access to new advanced filters and keyword search, users save time and effort.

Narrow down data with smarter search

Reduce errors with markers
Imagine you’re editing a large amount of data, and you want to track the changes you’ve made so you can do a quick doublecheck before finalizing your work. Now with markers, you can quickly and easily highlight important items across data points . This new feature is specifically helpful to the risk-averse user who wants to ensure data is complete and accurate before saving his or her work.

Reduce errors with markers

Streamline processes with favorites and follow-ups
Different users often need to manage different sets of data, or manage different parts of a workflow. Either way, Investran 2018 has features that offer flexibility, and are sure to make users more productive. With favorites, users can save any of their most commonly used pages and easily access them from an enhanced home screen. Follow-ups enable users to save their work, and pick it up where they left off, which is especially helpful when working on multiple tasks simultaneously. Both the favorites and follow-up features are now available for batches in Investran 2018.

Streamline processes with favorites and followups

Power productivity with even more features
Other updates include enabling customizable workspace screens for batches. These workspaces allow users to open multiple tabs and work on different tasks or sets of data concurrently. A new duplication function enables you to easily clone transaction or account hierarchy assignments with a few clicks of the mouse. We also created a new feature called STEP (simplified transaction entry processing) which acts as a “wizard tool” that makes generating bulk journal entries simple for events such as a capital call.

Maximize your investment with managed services
In addition to the new enhancements Investran 2018 brings, we’ve also expanded our managed services. These increase operational efficiency, allowing you to focus on deriving value for investors. From fundraising to liquidation, our team empowers you with premium operational execution that’s founded on years of experience. Available on a per-service basis or as a complete suite, Investran’s managed services consist of accounting, reporting, portfolio, company and investor portal administration-as-a-service.

Welcome to the new era of private equity accounting and administration. Contact us today at to learn more about how we’re empowering the private equity office of the future.