The future, faster: Digital content’s spotlight

June 22, 2020

Continuous reinvention is central to the success of digital content. Digital content leaders know firsthand the importance of leaning forward. Working in perpetual beta, they know the future is coming faster than old timetables allow.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, those leaders attend to life’s first priorities: your families, colleagues and communities.

When attention turns to your companies, challenge abounds. Before us is a landscape transformed. Social distancing requirements, school closures and stay-at-home orders are fundamentally reshaping consumer behavior in real time.

COVID-19 brings digital content into the spotlight as home-bound consumers turn to digital content in record numbers to stay informed, entertained and connected. Digital content providers are rising to the occasion, doing their part to provide reliable service to valued customers, neighbors and communities.

Digital content’s future: Satisfaction as a service

Consumers are always looking for trusted service that satisfies their needs. That’s truer than ever given the collective stress we’re all experiencing. Expectations for exceptional service are only heightened by uncertainty. Performance is paramount; the time to satisfy is now.

For digital content providers, the satisfaction equation remains constant even as COVID-19 rewires entire economies: The right content + right audience + perfect service = a likelihood to thrive. Provide anything less than perfect experiences and you’re unlikely to even survive.

Thriving starts with digital content that attracts, entertains, educates and converts. Attracting browsers, earning customers, converting customers into subscribers and generating more revenue from loyal subscribers means that content needs to be delivered flawlessly. Speed must be instant. Safety must be paramount. Convenience is a given.

Customer satisfaction foundations: Perfect payments

While customer satisfaction in digital content requires relevance at every touchpoint, some – like payments – are more important than others. Payment experiences formalize the value exchange that bonds digital content providers with their customers.

Even when they’re routine, payment experiences matter. COVID-19 imposes costs on us all. The last thing anyone needs is friction with a payment.

Perfect payments for digital content mean offering robust payment options that satisfy every reasonable need, seamless money-in/money out capabilities, easy-to-manage subscription payments, automatic account updating and transparent recurring transactions.

Getting to the future faster means anchoring a foundation of reliability and trust. You can do everything else right and still lose a customer forever with a single poor payment experience. That was true before COVID-19. Laying the foundation for success means offering perfect payments when customers need speed, certainty and convenience more than ever.

Crafting partnerships for digital content’s long haul

Getting to the future faster means choosing operations and infrastructure partners carefully. Providing satisfaction as a service means payment integrations need to be flawless, fast, safe and easy to maintain. That means taking the time in the present to find developer-friendly partners with sparkling credentials and specific third-party integrations.

Getting to the digital content future faster means managing the costs of payment acceptance in the present. Crafting partnerships with payment service providers is essential to calibrate transaction fees to average spend, proactively minimize costly chargebacks and more efficiently manage chargebacks that do occur.

Staying relevant in digital content over the next decade means staying ahead of constantly elevating customer expectations. Getting to the future faster means elevating customer satisfaction to an always-on service. Especially during trying times, elevating customer experience demands our priority. Getting to digital content’s future faster means innovating with purpose in the present.