Worldpay ATM

Delivering More Than Cash

As a true extension of your branch, Worldpay ATM provides more convenience for your customers and easier cash management for you. In addition to fast withdrawals, deposits, and money transfers, Worldpay ATM gives you the ability to promote supplementary products that drive revenue. Intelligent transaction monitoring technology provides insights regarding ATM usage to ensure you are offering the functionality your cardholders want. Take your ATM to the highest level by automating common banking solutions and adding new revenue generating services with Worldpay ATM.

Key features

  • Branch transformation – a better way to manage your ATM
  • EMV ready – your ATM has been EMV certified
  • Deposit automation – easier deposits that your cardholders prefer
  • ATM monitoring – a better way to monitor and manage your ATM network
  • ATM marketing - extend your brand to the ATM
  • Pay in your currency - dynamic currency conversion
  • Electronic journal masking – helping keep cardholders’ data safe
  • Remote key – easy, secure and eliminates unnecessary downtime
  • Cash management – eliminate expensive emergency cash runs
  • A more secure ATM – stay ahead of fraudsters

Key BenefitsATM software and services to minimize operating costs and maximize revenue generation

Additional Revenue Stream

Offer additional products through your ATM such as stamps, coupons, gift cards, event tickets, charitable donations, and merchant offers.

Easier Cash Management

We track how much money goes into and out of your ATMs. This historical information allows for better cash management, which can help save you money.

Cross-selling Opportunity

With a captive audience you can provide personalized marketing messages to your cardholders and other users at your ATM.