"Banking Local" Podcast: Changing Consumer Habits

April 21, 2020

Episode One

Changing Consumer Habits: How Digital and Data Can Prepare Banks for the Future

Digital and mobile banking open up new ways for data to impact customer experience. But what do those changes actually look like in execution? In this conversation with Jeff Lee, chief digital officer of Seacoast Bank, Banking Local dives into the bank’s use of digital and data to adapt to changing customer behaviors and even predict lifetime value. Plus, hear about a clever campaign to entice older generations to try digital banking by mailing out a $1 check.

Host: Maria Schultz, Division Executive, North America Banking Solutions

Guests: Jeff Lee, EVP and Chief Digital Officer at Seacoast Bank and Joe Sullivan, President and CEO at Market Insights

About the Author
Maria Schuld, Division Executive, Americas, Banking Solutions, FIS
Maria SchuldDivision Executive, Americas, Banking Solutions, FIS

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