How to increase stickiness with embedded finance

November 20, 2023

Embedded finance is doing more than changing the competitive landscape. It’s allowing businesses to deliver a more convenient, frictionless and delightful customer experience.

And that creates huge opportunities to deepen your client relationships and improve customer retention.

Discover why embedded finance is becoming a critical tool to increasing customer retention in this video.

Don’t have time to watch? Read the transcript below.

One of the best things about embedded finance is the stickiness it offers businesses to retain their end customers.

And why is that?

Ultimately, if you think about it, if you as a business are able to offer financial services to your clients – which include bank accounts, which include cards, which include lines of credit, which include services like payroll services – that business is now more dependent on you for ultimate fulfillment of their business outcomes.

And so, unwinding that relationship with you, who are providing those financial services through an embedded finance offering, becomes very difficult and very painful. And they would never want to do it, especially if you're driving that value to them in that one shop experience.

So, embedded finance is a great retention strategy for any business out there.

About the Author
Mike Kresse, FIS Head of B2B and Money Movement
Mike KresseFIS Head of B2B and Money Movement

A proven senior executive, responsible for driving both the overall business and strategic direction of FIS Money Movement & Lending Solutions including Retail & Commercial Credit Solutions, Bill Pay, P2P/Zelle, Integrated Payables, Invoice to Pay, ACH & RTP.

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